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Posted on: June 6th, 2018

A Week at Disney – Make It Easy! (Part 1)

If you have ever been to Disney, you would probably agree it is easy to like the place. I just spent a week at Disney World in Florida with my family and, while I have several things I took away from the experience, here is the big one: THEY MADE IT EASY!

From the moment we packed our bags at home, to the final trip to the airport, Disney took care of us.  We had bag tags to put on our luggage at home, which took it all the way to our room. We had magic bands that allowed us to have snacks, eat, get drinks and roam around the parks.  We had fast passes that allowed us to circumvent long lines (more about this later), we had clean parks (there is never a trash can more than 30 steps from you), we had reliable transportation and friendly staff.  On our final day, we had bag tags and our itinerary hanging on our door, thanking us for our stay and directing us where to drop our luggage – not to see it again until Denver; they made it easy! We didn’t buy the top package but did the middle of the road. Just like everything else we do, we looked for value and we were not disappointed.

Although Disney has a travel agency, we booked through our aunt who is a travel agent for this trip.  Do you know what my experience made me want to do?  I want to by-pass our aunt and try the Disney agency! Why?  Because I enjoyed my experience as a middle of the road purchaser. They treated my family with respect and made our experience better, leaving us wanting to try more!

As I thought about the push of the unlimited program and express lanes in the car wash world, I wonder, have we forgotten the rest?  Numerous times I have heard operators say things like, “I want them to wait and see this line moving fast so they will purchase a pass.” But is that really the way to go?

It might be time to change the way we think. What if we make the experience good for everyone; leaving them to wonder what the rest of what we offer COULD BE? They might decide to buy an unlimited pass, make the switch from their normal car wash, or just decide to write about their positive experience. If we raise the bar for the average, the average all goes up.  Or, as they say, “a high tide raised all ships!”