Car Wash Equipment Brands We Sell

At Focused Car Wash Solutions, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction which is why we sell only the best equipment that offers the highest quality car wash. When you work with us, we help you determine which equipment is best for your car wash needs and goals.

We Sell Only the Best Equipment

Every piece of equipment we select for your business will be tailored to your company. We understand that no two car washes are alike; there are many different tiers of car washes and we’ll do everything we can to make your business a success.

We sell many different equipment manufacturers, all offering the best results as well as having reputations for being the most durable and reliable. Below are the brands of equipment that we sell here at Focused Car Wash Solutions.

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Who We Sell


Automatic Vehicle Wash (AVW) is one of the leading global manufacturers of innovative car wash equipment. From tunnel systems to belt conveyors to dryer equipment and everything in between, AVW offers such a wide range of equipment, making the selection process easily customizable and unique to your specific needs.

Carwash OS

With Carwash OS, you will receive ‘Best in Class’ operational tools and practices, giving your carwash operation the greatest chance of success. As more carwashes  enter the marketplace, it’s imperative that owners give themselves every advantage to put together a great team of employees and train them to produce exceptional customer service.

Cat Pumps

Selling some of the highest quality car wash pumps available on the market, Cat Pumps high-pressure pumps are engineered to offer trouble-free service. Their products are reliable and meet the highest quality standards to ensure your car wash runs smoothly.


From tunnel solutions and in bay systems to growth drivers, DRB products will help you with your ROI. Their car wash equipment is top notch and they have decades of experience to prove it. Whether you want to speed up your car wash system or increase productivity, DRB products can help.


No car wash is complete without vacuuming the interior of the vehicle. Eurovac specializes in interior cleaning and offers the highest quality of vacuums available on the market. Their vacuums are free of dangerous cords and are made with industrial-grade motors to aid in your car wash’s productivity.


One of the leading fluid handling product manufacturers in the nation, Hydra-Flex is an award winning company that is sure to help gain the trust and satisfaction of your customers. We sell Hydra-Flex high pressure nozzles, chemical injectors and chemical dispensing equipment that will result in the cleanest vehicle.


Innovative Control Systems (ICS) offers an array of commercial car wash equipment to keep the day-to-day operations of your car wash running smoothly. Their products include controllers, terminals, MGT systems, and so much more. Their innovative technology will keep your car wash ahead of the times and will impress customers.

Kaady Chemical

The full line of Kaady Chemical products covers nearly all revenue-capturing opportunities available to automatic car wash operators. Its “nucleus” comprises five interactive products so efficient and effective that they can often reduce your cost per application. Chemically linked for compatibility with each other, these products interact in a way that’s not only safe for your customers’ cars, for your employees’ health and the longevity of your equipment.

Mr. Foamer

Offering products with a lifetime guarantee, Mr. Foamer carries products that will help get you the cleanest results through their innovative technology. From signage to LED lights and foamers, Mr. Foamer products are manufactured for quality and satisfaction. We’ll help you customize your Mr. Foamer products that will attract customers time and time again.

PECO Car Wash Systems

PECO Car Wash Systems has been a world leader in professional car washing systems for over 50 years, using the highest-quality components in the industry. PECO applies first-hand knowledge and unrivaled expertise to all of their systems and products to ensure your car wash is always running for your customers.

Petit Auto Wash Equipment

One of the industry’s most innovative companies, Petit Auto Wash Equipment offers products that focus on increasing productivity and helping to serve more customers in a timely manner. Their systems offer many benefits and will help get your car wash productivity up.


Sparkling clean cars is the goal of every car wash company and PurClean products help you achieve just that. Offering spot-free rinse and water reclaim products, PurClean equipment will help your car wash save time and money. We’ll work with you to determine which combination of products is best for your car wash needs.


Offering a wide selection of products and services that help enhance both the customer experience and the end result, Simoniz products truly help cars look their best. We’ll help you choose the right combination of products and services for your car wash!

Sonny’s CarWash Controls

Sonny’s CarWash Controls offers POS products that will keep your car wash moving in a smooth and timely fashion. Their standalone car wash controls and tunnel systems will keep your car wash moving in the right direction.


Interested in adding car wash equipment from any of these manufacturers? Let us help you determine the best products to help your car wash shine!