Chemicals & Detergents

Clean. Shiny. Dry.

Your chemical program has to work with your equipment program to always produce clean, shiny and dry cars. Just like our equipment approach, our chemical goal is to keep it simple.  Concentrates are simple to transport, simple to store on-site, and easy for any employee to handle!  Keep your cars coming out clean, shiny and dry with a simple chemical program from Focused!


A high quality wash starts with cleanliness. If you cannot break the bond between the car and the dirt, you cannot get a clean car! If you cannot get a clean car, you cannot get a shiny car!


Separate yourself from the competition and show your customers the difference with a shiny, dry car! Make sure you are using the right chemical process to produce the shine your customers are seeking.


Dry is the final step and the one that leaves the final impression.  The entire process is get to this point, don’t mess up the dry because you couldn’t get clean and shiny. Focus on all 3 and leave your customers with that powerful final impression!

Ease of Use

Our concentrated line of chemicals was designed by operators for operators and blended with the end result in mind. With their ease of use and space saving features, these products can be shipped directly to your site. You can store up to a month of washes in these small containers taking up less space than a weeks worth of drums! Safer for your employees with sealed containers and lighter to move around, your employees will love how easy these containers are to handle.