Car Wash Construction

One of the questions we get asked the most is “how do I go about building a car wash?” While the construction process can seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be, especially when you work with a team of expertly trained professionals like Focused Car Wash Solutions. 

We specialize in helping car wash companies build a car wash business from the ground up and one of the largest components to that process is car wash construction. Once we meet with you and discuss your goals and vision for your car wash and finalize a few details, we can begin the car wash construction process. 

Not quite sure what building design or features you’d like to add? No worries! Our team of experts will work with architects and designers to help you determine the best car wash for you. Whether you want to build a tunnel, in-bay automatic or full service car wash, our construction team will make it happen. You’ll be included every step of the way and will be guided by teams of professionals that will have your best interests at heart.

The Process

It all starts with a team – the best team. We’ll assist you with the entire planning and development process from start to finish. Once a plan is in place, it’s time for the actual development of the car wash to start. We’ll assist you by helping you hire the right general contractor for the job who will then assist in getting the plans, engineers and construction team into place to break ground and get started on building your car wash.

Wondering what you can expect? Below is our process of car wash construction:

  • Identify your construction site
    Once you determine the right location for your car wash and purchase the land, the construction process can begin.
  • The city approves the site plan
    Before we can break ground, the city needs to approve all site plans.
  • Construction documents & permitting
    After the city approves the site plan, permits and approved construction documents must be obtained before we can break ground.
  • We break ground!
    Our construction team will start building your car wash!

You can expect the entire construction process to take anywhere from 18-24 months depending upon things like the city’s approval process and documentation approval. Once we break ground, it should take an estimated 180-240 days of construction until your car wash is complete.

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Why Focused Car Wash Solutions?

We work with a team of architects and engineers that are licensed in over 35 states and are looking to expand. This means that wherever you want to build your car wash, our team can come to you! Leave the work to us… we’ll ensure the construction process is a smooth one from start to finish. 

With a combined over 50 years of car wash experience, our team of experts has worked with hundreds of car wash companies across the country. There’s a reason why businesses choose Focused Car Wash Solutions – and that’s because when we get the opportunity to assist in opening their car wash businesses, we see them become a success.

The construction process can be a costly one, especially when plans get changed often. While you can expect to see some slight changes to plan (every construction process has them) they’ll be kept to a minimum when you hire our team.

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