When it comes to car wash equipment, it is critical to limit the variables and use high quality materials for less down time. Simplify the design and use high-quality materials to build reliable and durable car wash components.

Simplicity in Motion is not just a slogan about the simple design and operation of AVW equipment; it speaks to everything about the equipment. Simplicity in the number of tools you need, simplicity in the number of spare parts, simplicity in repairs and simplicity in support.  Find out how the best operators in the country keep it simple and produce the most cars; it’s SIMPLE … AVW!


Car Wash Equipment

Key AVW tunnel system features include:

  • Equipment that is designed to operate reliably and trouble-free, using simple, dependable physics principles
  • Hydraulic or electric equipment with added features providing enhanced functionality; designed and built to run for decades
  • Main structural and mechanical components constructed using heavy-gauge stainless steel for durability and attractive appearance
  • Belt Conveyors that load easier, wash faster, and provide an unparalleled customer experience. They eliminate conveyor issues that have been accepted for decades and extend performance beyond that of our durable roller conveyors.
  • Wraps and exclusive Contour Side Washers clean more cars in the same amount of space with performance and speed that have set the industry standard


Belt Conveyors

AVW Belt Conveyors are designed for more control of the vehicle with fewer restrictions on the type of vehicle being washed. With all four tires on the belt, braking and steering have no consequences. Eliminating guide rails also eliminates wheel damage.

  • 20 Years Leading the Way
  • More than 550 AVW Belt Conveyor Systems installed worldwide
  • Over 1.2 million cars processed on an AVW belt conveyor

Car Wash Parts

Regardless of what equipment you have purchased, our network allows us to get parts for almost any manufacturer in the country.  Click here to visit our support page to try and identify your part.  Still can’t find it? Contact us at 1-866-303-6287 or [email protected] and we will find what you need.


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