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Posted on: May 3rd, 2012


I read an article the other day on foxnews.com about 15 things our kids will never know.  Some of the things on the list really caught me off-guard; things that have been so revolutionary in my life I just couldn’t imagine kids today not knowing what they are.  Things like CD’s- remember your first CD player?  You could just ‘skip’ to the next song- it was amazing. But with the invention of MP3s and the next best thing, toddlers today may never know about CD players. What about LAN lines or ethnet cables- who remembers getting Internet through your phone line for the first time? It will be a wireless world in just a few short years.  This one floored me- remote controls!  I remember our first TV remote, off/on and channels one direction.  In a few years kids will change channels with voice control or by waving their hands in the air- simply amazing!

The world of car washing has also changed. The days of hand writing tickets are behind us now that we have POS systems that run off your iPad! Remember the day you had to be at your store to count the tickets to see how many cars you did? Today I get a text message every hour telling the day, that hour and the last hour. What will our world look like in 5 or 10 years? Imagine a world where you have told your distributor the minimum amount of soap you want on hand and he gets an email automatically every day telling him what to ship and how much! That world is coming faster than you think. Focused Car Wash Solutions stays on top of the most cutting edge technology that will reduce labor, improve quality and make your business more profitable.