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Posted on: April 3rd, 2012

New Equipment That Will Make You More Efficient

The other day I got a call from two very successful car wash operators who happened to be on vacation and decided to check out a wash in the area that was a customer of mine. “Tell these guys they’ve got to send the cars through faster!” they exclaimed in frustration. It was a very busy day and the cars were lined up around the building. The operators knew they were not moving cars at the speed that their equipment package was capable of doing. Why was this happening? They were spending too much time prepping, leaving too much space between cars and causing their cars per hour to drop.

Two pieces of equipment would solve this problem. The first is a Tire Pad Switch that would automatically send the car when the back tire runs over it. The second is an AVW Robot Prep Arch. This piece of equipment shows up for work on time every day, performs the same way on every car and you don’t even have to worry about workman’s comp! When combined, these two pieces of equipment could increase your cars per hour by 20 to 40 percent! Would that work for your wash?  You bet it would!

Billy Tillotson