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Posted on: May 3rd, 2012

Common Mistakes- ‘Yeah But’ Syndrome

I have met hundreds of people over the years that have wanted to go into business for themselves and almost every one of them is plagued by the ‘yeah but’ syndrome. Not sure what that is? I’ll say to them something like the traffic count is not good and I get back “’yeah but’ we will be a destination and customers will come to us.” Or, this may be my favorite, the market already has too many car washes…”’yeah but’ we will be faster and have better customer service” or “’yeah but’ our location is better!”


Here is a short list of common mistakes:

  • Choosing a poor site
  • Not doing enough market research and making the project look better than it actually does
  • Under capitalized, high expectations
  • Choosing a poor distributor or purchasing low cost equipment factory direct
  • Thinking you know what you really don’t know


We can talk ourselves into almost anything with ‘yeah but.’ It may just be changing your prices or adding a wash club; whatever it is don’t get caught up in ‘yeah but’. The team at FOCUSED is capable of curing the ‘yeah but’ syndrome- contact us today to start the healing process.