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Posted on: May 12th, 2021

Spring is in the Air – Time to Clean and Refresh!

“Spring Cleaning” is an ancient tradition that nearly 72% of households still participate in today. In many religions, Spring is a time of remembrance and refreshing.  The Frontier used this time to tidy up and prepare for Summer.  In fact, “Spring Cleaning” was created to remove the build-up of soot from windows in log cabins and remove the chinking that had been used to seal and insulate a log cabin during the winter in order to allow for air flow during the summer.*

No matter why you choose to ‘Spring Clean,’ it’s a great time to clean up your car wash after a long winter with higher wash volume.  It’s time to formulate projects for next winter, deep clean all those hard to reach areas, and do thorough inspections and repairs.

It’s also time to refresh the wash! A great way to do that is to add scents for the customer experience. While customers are ‘spring cleaning’ their homes, make them feel welcome at the wash with clean, fresh scent from FCS!

We have a great selection of Simoniz or Kaady Chemical scents that can be injected into your presoak, or installed as a new ‘scent’ pumping station so you can control the location and power of that fresh clean wash!

For a limited time, FCS is offering 20% OFF a Scent Package!

  • This includes 20% off your first scent and all labor and materials as needed.

Looking for a product to clean up that Winter grime?  Right now, we are offering 10% OFF these two great options!

  • Restorizt: A heavy-duty sulfuric acid-based wall and equipment cleaner. This product will clean detergent and wax scum buildup on equipment and walls. This product does not contain hydrofluoric acid.
  • Purple Power: Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser – wipes away the toughest stains in just seconds;works great on a wide variety of surfaces. The concentrated formula penetrates quickly and then creates a barrier between the stain and the surface being cleaned.

Whatever your Spring-Cleaning needs may be, FCS is here to help! Contact us today to figure out the best products for your wash setup and take advantage of these great offers.


*A Brief History of Spring Cleaning by Cathie Ericson; February 25, 2019