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Posted on: August 19th, 2021

Time to Service Your Pumps

Although we’ve experienced record high temperatures in recent days, winter is, inevitably, right around the corner! This is the perfect time to make sure your wash and all its components are running in top order.  One important component to service is PUMPS.

Car Washes have all kinds of pumps including multistage booster, piston, diaphragm, high pressure, low pressure, volume, injection… the list goes on and on.

While we cannot address every type/brand of pump, below are some basic service and maintenance things to check, as well as trouble-shooting ideas for common problems.

(Click here for downloadable troubleshooting chart)

Problem Probable Cause Possible Solution
Low Pressure
Worn Nozzle Replace
Belt Slipping Check tension/replace
Leak in discharge hose/line Replace
Low inlet water supply Clean lines/check water pressure
Faulty pulsation dampener Replace
Clog/debris in inlet or discharger port Replace lines/clean
Unloader Replace
Oil Leak
Loose Head bolts Tighten
Seal Failure Rebuild
Loose drain plug Tighten
White/Milky Oil
Seal Failure Rebuild


There are several things you can do for preventative maintenance; if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s time to take action. Contact us today for all your pump parts and repairs.

If your pumps need a complete rebuild or just some maintenance, FCS is here to help! We work and service CAT Pumps, Wanner, Grundfos, Sta-Rite, Flojet, Multi-Stage Booster and more.