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Posted on: May 3rd, 2021

Free WI-FI

On a recent trip, the “Free Wi-Fi” was not available on my flight. There were no excuses, no partial refunds, no concessions – it was simply “we are sorry, but it’s not working right now.”

And you know what? Not a single passenger stood up in protest, argued, or demanded anything additional – NOT ONE!

As I flew along, I started thinking about “FREE VACUUMS” in the car wash world. Do we advertise this as a part of the wash package? No, it is an added value to the whole experience. So, when did we start treating it with equal importance to the reason a customer came through the car wash?

I bought a ticket to fly somewhere, Wi-Fi or not, and they provided the service I purchased. Customers come to the car wash to wash their car – not free mat cleaning, air fresheners, or vacuums; those are value-added items. This airline provided their core service and did it well.

The same can be said in the car wash industry – provide your core service and provide it well!