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Posted on: October 24th, 2013

Focus on the 100%

Far too many times I hear operators talk about adding something to the higher package to try and move customers up; or, when a new store is about to open, they start at the top package (which obviously includes everything they just purchased as wash components) and then start taking away equipment until they get to the bottom.  The goal always seems to be to make the bottom wash just good enough to work but bad enough to make them spend more money.  Why do we focus only on the top 30-50% of customers?  What if every decision we made was for the 100%?

Start with your chemicals. I have seen operators turn off their drying aid on lower packages to decrease the end product and force customers to purchase a higher package.  If you are the customer entering a restaurant and you purchase a low-priced sandwich off the menu and it is horrible, will you go back and purchase a steak?  Probably not.  Why not give the customer a reason to come and try more- if this is that good, can you imagine what the BEST might be?

Start looking at your business and think, what if everything I did ADDED to the quality instead of took away from?  What if you worried less about how to give the top few percent of your customers the best they could get and, instead, worked on making sure even the bottom customers had a great experience. Then, by default, the top packages will be better because you added to and did not take away from.

We should always be looking for opportunities to ADD to vs. SUBTRACT from.  Contact FOCUSED today and let us help you ADD to your business.