Focused Approach

Our approach is simple- service first, business second.  Focused is more than just a name, it is what we are.

Financial – If your business is not financially sound, you will not be around for us to support.  We help you pick a good site, sell you what you need, and give you the advice to succeed.

Operations – We understand that opening the door is just the first step. You are going to have questions and want to learn for as long as you own the business.  The team at Focused is constantly exploring better ways to do business and we are here to provide you with answers to the questions you will have.

Consulting – We not only help with start-up businesses, we have experience in turning car washes around, helping banks determine the value of an asset or, sometimes, just help an operator with a marketing budget.  We can help you wherever you are in your business today.

United States – Our relationships cover the United States and then some. We will always be your contact and available to help, however, should you need on-site service immediately, we have a friend nearby.

Supplies & Equipment – We can provide you with all the supplies you need including detail, towels, custom receipt paper, marketing design, and chemicals for every aspect of car washing.  We can also provide the best equipment lines in the industry and can provide parts and support for almost every manufacturer.