Wild Blue Car Wash – Marshall, Missouri

Located in Marshall, Missouri, Wild Blue was a unique conversion project in which we took the ‘old’ McDonald’s building and converted it into an express car wash. We removed the roof, gutted the inside, cut out the concrete, and poured new concrete for the office, equipment room, and conveyor. Converting an existing retail facility was a great use of space which saved the project time and money!

Wild Blue Car Wash features a 90-foot dual belt conveyor inside a 90-foot building with equipment by AVW, vacuums by Eurovac, a water reclaim system by PurClean, chemical by Simoniz, and a point-of-sale system by ICS.

Wild Blue opened with two pay lanes, one teller lane and one auto-teller lane, however, they have the ability to expand to three lanes when they need it. The entire wash, plus 17 free vacuum stations, sits on a property that is just under one-acre.

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