Jimmy Suds Car Wash – Lakewood, CO

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, Jimmy Suds features a 125 foot conveyor inside a 130 foot building, with AVW Octaline equipment, Vacutech vacuums with AVW arches, a PUR water reclaim system, Simoniz chemical, and a Sonny’s point of sale system. Jimmy Suds opened December 10, 2019 and is projected to wash around 80,000+ annually.

This remodel was a huge project. The conveyor was 150′ and with the AVW equipment we were able to shorten the conveyor and get everything inside the building to help with freezing and the loader in the winter. We completely gutted the equipment and back room support equipment, moved the vacuum area and increased the number of spaces for vacuuming.

This facility was a flex serve and we were able to convert it an express wash with two Sonny’s pay stations featuring their new LPR (License Plate Recognition) system. It features a digital menu board at the pay stations and an entry arch and lights by Mr. Foamer. The custom signage on the AVW arches really make this wash stand out!

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