Meadows Express Car Wash – Castle Rock, CO

Located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Meadows Express Car Wash features a 115 foot dual belt Tommy conveyor inside a 135 foot building, with car wash equipment and building by Tommy Car Wash Systems. Meadows Express features vacuums by Eurovac, a PUR water reclaim system, Simoniz chemical, and an ICS point of sale system. Meadows Express opened February 17, 2020 and is projected to wash around 130,000+ annually.

Meadows Express was a brand new construction in a covenant-controlled community. This property is inside The Meadows development in Castle Rock, CO and will be the only car wash allowed in the community. The owner, Chris Zuniga, worked for several years to get this project through the city, and the Totally Tommy building and equipment package turned out fantastic!

The team at Focused Carwash Solutions delivered an exceptional install, with the quality of Tommy Car Wash Systems and Simoniz chemistry. The wash output has vehicles looking phenomenal! And with 24 vacuum spots and two mat washers by Rhinomat, the inside looks as great as the outside.

The second tower in the Tommy building is home to two fully-digital pet washes with built-in heaters so the pups are comfortable and clean!

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