Construction & Installation

Construction starts with planning and planning starts with a team.  We have put together a team of architects and engineers that are currently licensed in over 35 states and are looking to expand.  What does this mean for you?  It means that wherever you are, we can go there! It means you are getting the best possible set of drawings based on our successful previous experience, and that you are not recreating the wheel.  There is nothing more expensive than change orders in a project; while every project has them, you can keep them at a minimum with the team at Focused.

Construction Process & Timeline

Done planning and ready to put a shovel in the dirt? Our team is here to answer questions from the general contractor and help streamline the building process.  Building a car wash is probably like nothing your contractor has done before and getting it right upfront will save you from operation headaches for years to come.

  • Land: Identify your site
  • City Process: Use & Site Plan approval
  • Construction documents & permitting
  • Construction = 180-240 days
  • TOTAL PROCESS = 18-24 months (estimated)
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Our equipment installation team is the best in the industry.  A clean installation from the start will make for easier operations down the road.  Our team also does repairs so they understand the importance of setting up your wash in order to quickly make repairs and diagnose problems when they arise. Already have a building design? No problem! We can still work within your building for a unique equipment install.

Operating a Car Wash